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Saturdays for Work

Another big difference: India has a six day working week. So, although today was Saturday, I still got to go to the school! But, we had a fun day, as it was Saturday. So, we made pictures out of felt: houses and balls. There weren’t that many supplies, so we had to glue everything and cut everything for the kids, on account of one bottle of glue and two pairs of scissors. 

Then, I taught the kids more songs. We worked more on Baa Baa Black Sheep, but it was hard because there was such a difference between the students. The older children got the song right away, but the younger ones still had trouble remembering all of the verses. We ended up giving up on Baa Baa Black Sheep and we moved onto “Down by the Bay,” which is a song that I was very fond of when I was little. Its not a traditional nursery rhyme, but it is fun and the kids liked hearing me sing it. Only the older kids could sing it and remember it, but it was a lot of fun anyway. Then we moved onto “One two, Buckle my shoe,” which was the perfect song. The younger kids could say the words because the verses were short and the older kids could completely remember it (which was a good feeling for them). When I made up hand movements it was even better, because it helped the younger kids remember the whole song and they all had a really good time doing them with me. Eventually we got up to “five six, pick up sticks,” and the word “Sticks” was very hard for everyone except the teachers.

By that time, we stopped because it was already 1 and one of the children began crying because he was so hungry. It was heart breaking. 


After most of the children left, along with the crying boy (a kindergartener), some of the older kids dragged me to dance. These were Lokesh, Haseina and Afsana. There were also a couple younger children. They turned on the radio and we danced. I taught them some step dancing and they were very excited. We did a lot of spinning and twirling. Then we played with some balls and the younger children. It was very fun!


For the rest of the day, I went sight seeing to places that I’ve never been in Jaipur. I visited Jantar Mantar, which is a bunch of astrological equipment that tells time and the positioning of the heavenly bodies. There is also one big device that is called “Stairway to the Stars,” and It is a huge stair case that creates a sundial.

I also visited Hawa Mahal (Hawa = wind, Mahal = palace), which is a large palace that one of the princes constructed. It is a large screen overlooking the city which acts as a wind tunnel almost, and you get a huge amount of wind, which is so relieving. It acted also as a place for ladies to go and overlook the city’s processions. At the time it was built, ladies could not show themselves in public, so thus it acted as a screen so they were not seen. There are pictures of me in Hawa Mahal and overlooking the city below.

After those two, I visited two temples. One was in the mountains and was for the g0d Hanuman and the other was in the city and for the g0d Krishna. The latter had a ton of monkeys, which were rather terrifying.

Here are the pictures:


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